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Sorting a loved ones affairs after they have passed can be a very daunting task. As is arranging the Funeral or Memorial Service. We all know that life continues for us, and we have to start working through our grief and at the same time deal with our position as a parent, carer or whatever responsibilities we have in life.

Preparing a Service is a very emotional task and making the correct choice in your Celebrant is very important. We all need to feel that there is a connection with the Celebrant as we will be dealing with a lot of information that at times can be sensitive or emotional, confidentiality is key to the process.

In a Service we are limited by time at the sanctuary you choose, and need to really show the essence of your loved one. It is in a way like writing a story of their life that leaves everyone there feeling that they know your loved one intimately.

We only have one chance at this to say goodbye so it is very important that everything is done in a professional and dignified manner. The most important person on the day is your loved one, but there also has to be room for you and your family, friends and colleagues. You were a part of the life they have led too and you must be included in the Service.

My promise to you, as a Celebrant is this, in the comfort of your own home I will sit with you and whoever you feel should be there to work through everything one step at a time. I will guide you and help to include the most important events in life and also to really discover the personality and memories of your loved one.

Everything we plan must reflect the true nature of the person who has passed. Many families nowadays don’t want pomp and ceremony, or religion. They wish the Service to be Spiritual and there is a difference. There can be as much or as little Religion or Spirituality as you wish. This is your tribute to the deceased and it truly has to present a reflection of all of you.

Music plays a very important part in the Service and it is very difficult at times to whittle down favourites to get the three songs required. You might also feel that you want a piper to lead the hearse in. If the deceased is from a military background, quite often this is arranged through their Forces Representative.

It is just as important to have a Celebrant who is not afraid to tell you that something shouldn’t be included or said on the day. I want you to have a totally personalized Service without any regrets afterwards. Sometimes in grief we want to say things that we feel sorry about when things settle down.

If you have any questions or anything at all that you wish to ask, then it is not a problem, we will work through the process together. Just as importantly, everything will be checked with you between our meeting and the actual Service so that there are no mistakes and to make sure that everything fulfills your needs and expectations.

I want you to know that you will be in safe hands. I know from recent experience how important this is. As Celebrants, we too have to deal with this process at points in our lives and understand that emotions can run high. With my help we will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will stay in touch with your Funeral Director to keep up to date with decisions or changes that can be made.

Please feel free to call or message me if you have general enquiries about Services or if you are just testing the water. Time costs nothing and I do not mind speaking to people who are in need.

Also you might be like me and want to have an input in your own funeral when the time comes. This can be arranged in advance too, so please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Everything we do is unique to you and your loved one, so do not be afraid to bring something new to a Service. Nothing is impossible, and if I do not know the answer to your queries, I make you this pledge. I will find out for you.

Contact 01563 400271 or 07765 522 595

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